Top Down, Wind Blowing – That Convertible is Calling Your Name

Summer is now in full swing and if you live in most Southern states this means hot temperatures through the day. As more families and individuals take road trips or flock to beaches to cool down, some want to enjoy the weather and put the top down. What better way to enjoy the open road than with a convertible? recently released their “Top 10 Best Convertibles for Summer 2014” and rounding out the list at number one is the Audi S5. The perfect combination of sleekness and elegance, the Audi S5 will get you noticed and anywhere in style. Catering to multiple drivers, the list has family-friendly as well as need for speed models. From American made cars such as the Ford Mustang and Chevrolet Camaro to German built models like the BMW 6 series or the Porsche Boxster.

Here are a few convertible choices from

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