Top US automakers report higher vehicle sales in June

Several top US automakers reported an increase in their June sales.  Consumers continued to purchase sport utility vehicles in larger numbers amid rising tensions between the United States and its trade partners.

The tensions led to a reduction in US consumer confidence entering June, and weighed on purchase plans for big-ticket items such as automobiles.  General Motors stopped reporting monthly numbers beginning in April, said that it’s sales rose 4.6% to 758,376 for the quarter. The increase was due to strong truck sales and a wave of all-new crossovers.

“Customers are buying with confidence because the economy is strong and they expect it to remain strong,” said Kurt McNeil, GM US vice president, sales operations.

Ford said that it sold 230,635 vehicles in the month of June, compared with 227,979, a year earlier. Sales of Ford brand SUVs grew 8.1% to 77,453 vehicles, which was a record for the month, the company said.

Toyota Motor’s June US sales rose 3.6% to 209,602 vehicles, with high sales in the RAV4 and Highlander sport utility vehicle models. Toyota noted that the had the “best-ever” light truck sales for June in the United States.

Next,  Fiat Chrysler said its monthly US sales rose by 8 percent to 202,264 vehicles, most comping from the Jeep brand, which hit its best month of June with a 19% increase.