Uber’s Tricky Financing Terms

For drivers with low or poor credit, buying a car can prove to be a challenging experience. For those who have always dreamed of owning a car, Uber may have a solution though experts are wary of their terms and conditions. An article in Nerd Wallet talks about the kind of deal Uber is offering its divers looking to own a car who may have poor credit.

The article talked about how difficult it can be for subprime lenders to get a loan at a car dealership and what Uber is doing to help those drivers out. By putting $2,000 down to begin a lease, the ride-sharing company will simply deduct payments from drivers’ paychecks, as little as $17 a day. However, not everyone is convinced this is the best way to own a car.

Industry experts say that, though it may be difficult to get a car loan, banks have been willing to work with subprime lenders. Usually borrowers have to pay higher interest rates but there is less risk involved in those kinds of loans compared to what Uber is offering. What’s more, there has been more subprime lending as of late, which makes it easier for those lenders to get a new car.

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