Volkswagen Introduces a “Friendlier” New Logo

We all know the iconic Volkswagen VW logo that marks some 150,000 vehicles on the road today.

While the design of the Volkswagen logo has gone through several updates in the past, the most common logo seen today is from the 2000 design. This, however, is about the change.

On September 9, 2019 Volkswagen introduced a new logo design to replace the current logo that has been the face of the company for over 15 years. While the general concept for the logo is roughly the same, the new logo is said to give a “friendlier” feel to the company (according to Volkswagen).

The subtle Volkswagen logo changes over the years. (Photo source: Yahoo News) 

The new Volkswagen logo is said to roll out in 2020 and will be featured on regular cars, advertisements, and their brand new ID.3 electric car.

In addition to the subtle yet profound changes in their logo, VW also plans on featuring a women’s voice in their commercials; stating the brand name in a “sound logo” for the first time in the company’s history.

While you may be questioning the significance of these logo changes, Volkswagen gave viewers an inside look into the vision behind the new logo.

Volkswagen’s vision behind the logo. (Photo Source: Volkswagen)

In short, the new Volkswagen logo is aimed at giving consumers a fresh and friendly spin on the logo we have known and loved for decades. Will the new logo attract a fresh young crowd of consumers? Or are the changes too subtle to make a true impact on the companies overall performance? With 2020 rapidly approaching, the true significance of Volkswagen’s logo will soon be put to the test.