What Does the Future Look Like for the Automotive Industry?

A recent article in Forbes talked about how car guys are confused when it comes to their teens and driving. Whereas 46 percent of 16-year olds got their driver’s license in 1983, merely 27 percent of 16-year olds are getting their licenses now-a-days. Why this sudden, and some may say, drastic change?

Driving doesn’t hold the excitement for teens in this day and age as it did almost two decades ago. As the cost of education increases, it’s taking Millennials longer to get their degree, find a job after graduating, and make major life decisions such as purchasing a car. Many experts have noticed a recent trend among Millennials; they simply aren’t driving choosing instead car-sharing services or taking advantage of public transportation.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Swapalease.com offers a budget-friendly option for those starting out on their driving journey. The largest online lease marketplace, Swapalease.com offers an alternative to those looking to save money while getting into a newer vehicle.

Individuals looking to exit their lease early list their lease on the site and are matched up with someone wanting to take over the remainder of that lease. Taking over the remainder of a lease is a good option for Millennials because it won’t break the bank and they’re able to drive some of the latest models on the market. As leasing continues to grow in popularity and helps boost the automotive industry, it’s a great opportunity to help Millennials enter the adult world.

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