When’s The Best Time To Lease A Car?

In order to get the right deal for a leased car, everything must flow together at the right time: The down payment; the MSRP; the salesman’s pitch; your spouse’s opinion, etc. If one item or number is a little off, the entire deal can evaporate quickly. Ever been there?

Another factor to add to the list that can make or break a deal is timing.

When you lease a car, the majority of salesmen must answer for quotas by moving a specified amount of inventory and making a certain amount of revenue per month. So if you arrive at a dealership late in the month, odds are you’re more likely to cut a better deal. There’s been great debate around this issue, but it’s also been explored heavily by the experts.

Another pivotal time to peruse vehicles is during the end of the car’s model year, because at that point, salesmen are looking to get the new car models on the lot and will be looking to shed last year’s inventory – another great opportunity to get a cheap lease.

Yet another time to look at leases comes at the end of the calendar year because salesmen will be looking to meet their end-of-year quotas and will also want to get rid of the cars currently on the lot in order to make room for new models. Plus, holiday deals will play a role, as well. A great formula for a cheap lease deal.

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