Why the Chevrolet Corvette was Granted North American Car of the Year

The North American Car of the Year is an award granted to the country’s “favorite” vehicle in the middle of January.

The prestigious award is chosen by a panel of 50 jurors who are respected voices from print, online, radio and broadcast media across the United States and Canada. Jurors vote after noting the following categories: segment leadership, innovation, design, safety, handling, driver satisfaction, and value for the dollar.

When discussing the Chevrolet Corvette, auto critic for the Detroit News Henry Payne said, “A mid-engine Corvette was a huge risk for Chevy’s muscle-car icon. They nailed it. Stunning styling, interior, and performance for one-third of the cost of comparable European exotics.”

There were two cars that were selected for the runner up category, which were the Hyundai Sonata and the Toyota Supra. However, the Corvette ultimately won against the competition for two reasons.

  1. Road noise: The car does not exhibit the loud noise that supercar’s generally have. This allows for a peaceful drive so that the only noises in the car are the music you’re blasting and your conversations, not an annoying rumble from below.
  2. Drive: The car drives remarkably well, as technical editor of MotorTrend.com Frank Markus noted, “Behavior on the freeways was remarkable…And best of all, that ride quality didn’t disappear when we put it in Sport and Track modes.”

The layout and gears of the car also won critics over as they applauded the Chevrolet Corvette. The car’s elements signified ingenuity and excellence, so next time you buy or lease a vehicle, considering these factors might land you in North America’s favorite car.