Winter Car Care

With the weather continuously changing and winter fast approaching, giving one’s vehicle extra care is important. For startersit is ideal to make sure your car is prepared for the winter during early fall to ensure that your car is prepared for whatever the cold weather brings. The last thing any driver needs during the winter is for their car to break down or get into an accident because you can’t see through your windowsLuckily, these tips can help you avoid these dangerous situations. 

First of all, get your batteries checked by a professional to ensure that it is strong enough to last the winter because it is more difficult for a battery to operate in colder weather. Also, get an oil change. This tip is easy to miss because of its simplicity, but the cold weather can negatively affect your oil’s effectiveness by making it thicker and reduce your engine’s circulation. Check your owner’s manual and purchase oil that is thinner than normal, especially if you live in really cold areas. 

Be sure to check your antifreeze level as it is essential for your engine in the winter. Make sure that the antifreeze levels are high and that there aren’t any leaks where it might be draining from. It works to keep your engine from freezing.  

Make sure to check that both the defroster and climate control are working properly in your vehicle. The climate control helps to keep you warm, while the defroster keeps your windows from getting foggy or icy—avoiding a potential crash. 

Wash your vehicle with special soap formulated specifically for cars and wax it to protect your exterior against the elements. Waxing should be done at least four times a year, ideally at the beginning of every season. 

After washing and waxing, it is important to check out the exterior of the car that are exposed while driving. Tires are the first accessory that should be checked because it is harder to grip wet roads if the tires are worn down and have less traction.  

If you live in areas that experience heavy snow, consider getting snow tires. They are made of a softer rubber than standard tires and have tread patterns that allow them to retain flexibility in cold climates and grip snow and ice. 

The other accessory that needs attention is the windshield wipers. Car wipers have a short lifespan and in the winter your wipers need to be in excellent condition to keep your windshield free of snow, ice, and other dirt that gets in contact with it. Do a thorough inspection of your windshield and wipers during the winter season so that you can prevent uncomfortable situations. 

The safe winter driving checklist also includes heaters, break, light, and filter. It is necessary to get all of these items checked before the winter season hits because it reduces the probability of a car breakdown. Try taking your car to the professional to get these parts down so that it’ll be in tip-top shape to endure the tough winter ahead. 

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