Winter Driving Tips

Although the temperatures may have dropped, drivers are still hitting the roads this holiday season to see friends and family wherever they may be.

Use these tips to stay safe on the roads throughout the winter weather.


First things first, tires are one of the important aspects of safe winter driving. During the winter, the roads may get slipper from sleet, snow and rain. Make sure that your car’s tires have good traction and can handle a slick surface. Snow chains and traction mats are good to have as well for when the weather gets really bad. Avoid slipping and sliding by applying chains to your tires. In the event that you do get stuck in think snow or mud, traction mats will help you get out in a jiffy.


During the winter, the sun sets earlier than it does the rest of the year. Add rain or snow on top of that and seeing while driving gets significantly more difficult. Make sure that you clean your windshield and headlights frequently to maximize visibility.


Driving in winter weather can be stressful and not knowing where you are going can only add to an already stressful trip. Use a navigation system in your car or on an app to help you find your way. Some of these systems can even let you know where the traffic is so you can identify to quickest and safest route to choose.

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