Would You Try a Trike?

Tricycles, they were your first set of wheels as a kid. You rode around the neighborhood on your beloved trike until you graduated to the two-wheeled bicycle and then some years later you upgraded to four wheels and the freedom of a car. Now, four wheels just seems like the norm. But would you ever consider switching back to three wheels?


Elio Motors, thinks that 3 wheels may be the best way to go. CEO, Paul Elio, has designed a concept car that will get 84 miles to the gallon and will only cost a consumer $6,800 to buy. Sounds like a pretty sweet deal but the stigma of driving a four-wheeled car is so strong, what would it be like to drive a three-wheeled vehicle?


We’ll break down the pros and cons of driving a car with three wheels.



  • Aero dynamic- depending on the design of the car, three wheeled cars can be very aerodynamic. When the wheels are configured in the “tadpole” position, or two wheels in the front and one in the back, the vehicle creates less drag and can actually be better for gas millage.
  • Safer than motorcycles – motorcycles are a popular mode of transportation for those who like an element of danger in their lives. But if safety is a concern, a three wheeled vehicle might be a happy medium. Three wheelers offer more stability than the two wheeled while still handling like a bike on the hills and turns.



  • Small size – It’s no surprise that having less wheels will result in less space inside the vehicle. Some people dislike this but others don’t mind. If claustrophobia doesn’t affect you, then you might enjoy riding in the compact space.
  • Instability- Although, much more stable than a motorcycle, three wheeled automobiles are much less stable than cars. Of course, there are ways to maximize stability by configuring the wheels in a certain formation. In the tadpole position the vehicle is much more stable than it is in the delta formation.


There are good sides and bad sides to every vehicle and the three-wheeled cars are no different. Whether or not they’ll take off and become a huge success is up to the consumers. Who knows, maybe one day the four-wheeled car will be a thing of the past. But until then, if you need a new car that has all four wheels but don’t want to spend too much money to get it, try Swapalease.com.


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